In 2007, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation coordinated with federal and state agencies to obtain the approval to relocate the existing U.S. 202 route designation to the new U.S. 202 Parkway from just south of PA 63 (Welsh Road) to the PA 611 Interchange in Montgomery and Bucks counties. As shown on the U.S. 202 Redesignation Overview map, the existing streets signed today as U.S. 202 between Route 63 and Route 611 will revert back to their local street names only as shown on the colored road segments. Please note, that no street addresses including street names or numbers will be changed with the redesignation.

For residents and motorists, the official start of the U.S. 202 route signing change will coincide with the opening of the new U.S. 202 Parkway in fall 2012. PennDOT plans to initially cover the existing U.S. 202 route signs immediately following the Parkway’s opening and then remove the route signs from DeKalb Pike, Bethlehem Pike, Doylestown Road, West Butler Avenue and East Butler Avenue (located in zip code 18914), West Butler Avenue and East Butler Avenue (located in zip code 18901), and State Street. The sign for existing “U.S. 202/State Street” at the U.S. 202/PA 611 interchange in Doylestown will change to “State Street” and signing for the new U.S. 202 Parkway along Route 611 will be placed at the existing cloverleaf interchange where the Parkway will tie into existing U.S. 202 as shown on the map.

PennDOT has initiated public outreach activities through the U.S. 202 Parkway Task Force to inform municipalities of the upcoming redesignation of U.S. 202 in this area. Additional information on the forthcoming redesignation of U.S. 202 will be disseminated via the media, newsletters, websites and presentations. As part of this effort, PennDOT will coordinate the route change on its road maps and this information will be used as a source for updating electronic mapping services. PennDOT’s goal is to provide advanced notice to customers who may be affected by the U.S. 202 route designation change so accommodations can be made prior to the Parkway opening.

If you have comments or questions, please submit them through the U.S. 202 Parkway website – www.us202-700.com.

To view the US 202 Redesignation Map use the map below or download the PDF here.


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