US202 Section 700
Project Overview

The nine mile-long Route 202 Parkway is under construction between Route 63 (Welsh Road) in Montgomery Township and Route 611 in Doylestown Township to provide traffic relief for motorists on the existing Route 202 and other nearby roads.

The Parkway is being built on new alignment in a corridor situated between Upper State Road and Stump Road, passing through sections of Montgomery, Warrington and Doylestown townships.

The new roadway will be four-lanes wide between Route 63 (Welsh Road) and Route 463 (Horsham Road), and two lanes wide from Route 463 (Horsham Road) to the Route 611 Interchange. The roadway will widen to include left and right turn lanes at its signalized intersections. Parkway speed limit will be 40 mph, and it will be open to commercial vehicles.

A 12-foot wide Shared Use Path (SUP) with two-foot wide grass shoulders will run the entire length of the project to serve pedestrians, bicyclists and other non-motorized modes of transportation. Five trailhead parking facilities will be located adjacent to the Parkway at Knapp Road, Route 309, County Line Road, Bristol Road, and New Britain Road.

Five-foot wide paved shoulders on each side of the Parkway will function as bicycle lanes.

Bridges will carry the Parkway over Route 309, Almshouse Road and New Britain Road. The Parkway will pass under Pickertown Road and Wells Road overpasses. A four-span crossing of the Neshaminy Creek will minimize impacts to this waterway and its floodplain.

Eleven culverts at waterways and wetlands will be built, including crossings with natural bottoms where feasible. Storm water management basins, bioretention sites and other water quality Best Management Practices (BMP) are included to mitigate storm runoff and ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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Accessing the Parkway
The Parkway will be accessible from southern terminus interchange near the intersection of Route 202 (DeKalb Pike) and Route 63 (Welsh Road), and at the northern end at an interchange with Route 611.

Additional access also will be provided at Route 309 via two new connectors: A two-lane road located northwest of the Parkway for Route 309 motorists going north or south on the Parkway; and a single lane ramp for Route 309 north motorists heading north on the Parkway.

Route 309 motorists also may use Knapp Road to access the Parkway at a new signalized intersection. Other signalized intersections will provide entry to and exit from the Parkway at

  • Costco Drive,
  • Route 463 (Horsham Road),
  • County Line Road,
  • Route 152 (Limekiln Pike),
  • Bristol Road, and
  • Lower State Road.

Additional improvements at intersecting roads will help move traffic to and from the Parkway.

Limekiln Pike will be widened to five lanes approaching the Parkway, and  left turn lanes will be constructed on Upper State Road at the nearby intersection with Limekiln Pike.

Similar upgrades will be made on Bristol Road from just east of the Parkway to just west of Upper State Road. These improvements include widening Bristol Road to five lanes in the area of the Parkway, and to three-lanes between the Parkway and Upper State Road.

The Parkway plan also calls for adding left turn lanes on Upper State Road at the Bristol Road intersection. The improvements on Upper State Road will extend 500 feet north and south of Bristol Road.

The Parkway intersection with Lower State Road will include improvements to Lower State Road just west of the intersection through the Wells Road intersection to the east. Improvements on Wells Road under the Parkway will extend from Radcliffe Drive to Vale View Drive.

Work to connect the Parkway’s northern terminus into the existing Route 202/Route 611 cloverleaf interchange in Doylestown will be completed within the existing right-of-way.


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