US202 Section 700

A new shared-use trail will be constructed along the entire nine-mile length of the Route 202 Parkway.  This paved, 12-foot wide trail will provide a non-motorized transportation and recreational facility for walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists.

This new trail will enhance the region’s pedestrian and cycling network by connecting the large and growing system of trails in Montgomery and Bucks counties. Once the 202 Parkway Trail is completed, people of all ages will be able to ride, walk or jog between Montgomeryville and Doylestown – and all points in between – on a secure off-road facility designed specifically for non-motorized travel.

In addition to providing a recreational outlet for the individual, shared-use trails enhance the quality-of-life for connected communities by:

  • Preserving and creating open spaces.
  • Encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.
  • Creating new opportunities for outdoor recreation and non-motorized transportation.
  • Protecting the environment by providing an option to motorized travel and the negative effect of tail pipe emissions.

Artistic Rendering of Trail and Parkway near Montgomery Elementary School, Section 711
Extending the Connections
Connecting the trail to places trail-users want to go is an important aspect in the design of this shared-use path. The 202 Parkway Trail will have access points – or trailheads – each with ample free parking.  They are located at:
  • Knapp Road.
  • Route 309.
  • Stump Road near County Line Road.
  • Bristol Road.
  • New Britain Road.
Parking Lot
Artistic Rendering of Trailhead Parking Facility located adjacent to the Parkway on Route 309

Trailhead Parking
Number of Parking Spaces
Knapp Road
Route 309
Stump Road near County Line
Bristol Road
New Britain Road
Distances Between Trailhead
Parking Facilities 
Knapp Rd to Route 309
.75 miles
Route 309 to County Line Rd
2.75 miles
County Line Rd to
Bristol Road
2.5 miles
Bristol Road to
New Britain Road
2.5 miles

Additional connection points also will be made to communities along the way, linking the path to existing sidewalks and trails and accessible commercial areas.

In addition to providing landscaping along its entire length for an aesthetically pleasing backdrop, PennDOT has designed the trail with a buffer zone between it and the Parkway. In some areas, a fence will safely separate one or both sides of the trail from the Parkway, adjacent waterways or steep side slopes.  In a minimum number of locations near streams, wetlands and other

Burke Circle
Artistic Rendering of Trail and Parkway near Burke Circle, Section 721
sensitive areas, the trail will be situated immediately adjacent to the Parkway to minimize negative environmental impacts.

The trail also will share space on several of the Parkway’s bridges that cross side roads, streams and other challenging terrain. In these locations a concrete barrier will separate the road’s shoulder from the trail.

A shared-use trail helps create community by providing close-to-home recreational areas, public gathering spots and the educational possibilities that a natural setting offers.  The Route 202 Parkway Trail will do all that as it quickly becomes a valuable transportation asset for the people of Montgomery and Bucks counties.

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