US202 Section 700
Wetland Mitigation

The design and construction of the Parkway will have some affect on the surrounding environment, but PennDOT will mitigate unavoidable impacts to wetlands that are caused by construction by recreating and enhancing existing wetlands at an off-site location.

A site along the Little Neshaminy Creek, north of County Line Road and west of Kansas Road in Bucks County, was selected as the wetland mitigation site for the entire Route 202 Parkway.  This site was chosen due to its existing wetlands and the availability of adjacent land for creating new wetlands that will enhance the overall function of the entire wetland site.

Community outreach was conducted during the design phase of the Parkway and the Wetland Mitigation Site.  More information about the site and the community outreach that took place can be found below in the following Download Adobe Reader to view PDF's .pdf links:

Redstone Drive Neighborhood Meetings*

Bluestone Creek Neighborhood Meeting*

Neighborhood Meeting Exhibits*

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